Alembic Series I, 5-String Bass

I got this bass in 1991 and this is my main bass I love the sound. It’s a stereo bass and has burl walnut top and back. The neck is custom size (wide neck) and the body also custom shape.

Alembic Series II, 6-String Bass

This bass is similar to the 5-string Series I and has also a beautiful Burl Walnut top and back. The neck and body shape is similar to the five string bass that I have. The bass is also stereo and 36V. I used it on my solo records, on songs like Stanley & Sofi, Undercover (solo on middle section), The Texas Way (Great Moments). The Electric City II (The Electric City) and in general when you hear me playing in the high register on my records.

Alembic Signature 4-String

The bass has a Cocobolo body and was converted to fretless in -95. The bass is from 1990 and is mono 9V bass. I had problems finding a bass that I liked for fretless work, so I took the bass to a professional shop and had them remove the frets. I am quite happy with the sound, and have used it on all my recordings when fretless bass has been needed.

Alembic Distlate 4 string short scale

Alembic :-)

G&L L2000 Tribute

G&L L2000 Tribute bass is a new bass to my collection. The bass is great and has U.S made pickups and electronics. I have used it on a recording session because this was the only bass I had at hand, but it worked surprisingly good! Everyone loved it! I like to play the instrument and love the electronics, great job!

Fodera Emperor 5-String

This bass sound like an active Jazz Bass with sustain. The bass has 9V electronics and has Zebra wood body, ebony fingerboard and neck through body construction. A friend of mine, Matti Kähäri, made a pickguard for the bass, so that it's easier for me to play it.

Neuser Custom Bass 4-string

This is a custom bass with Alembic picups and Series I electronic. It’s a great bass and I use it from time to time. It has Burl maple top and back and ebony fretboard.

Rauno Nieminen, Strandberg Signature 4-string

I love this instrument, it was built in 1998 and I have been using it ever since. It's an acoustic bass guitar with B-Band pickups and electronics. This is a project we had in mind together with Rauno Nieminen and we finally made it come true. Rauno is also working on an upright bass for me and it's going to be a killer. Rauno is a real talent when it comes to building and designing instruments. Drop him a line at The recorded bass sound I most pleased with is on the record Illustrations and the song A.S.L. I am planning to use that bass a lot in the future as well.

Rauno Nieminen, Strandberg Signature 4-String

This is the same bass but as a fretless bass guitar and rosewood back and sides. I have not use it yet on recordings but that will come since I am a fan of fretless instruments.

Lassi Nurmi 5-String acoustic bass guitar

This bass is built by the great Lassi Nurmi who also works as a repairman at He also has his own line of instruments in production, very high class instruments. This bass I have has a high C string instead of the low B. You can hear this instrument on my record The Electric City and on the song the New Dark Age. The instrument has also been used on some live shows and it works really well.

Vector Upright bass

This is a great upright bass that I bought in Germany in 1999. I love it and am using it every now and then. I have to say that I have newer found a perfect instrument. There are a lot of great basses out there some of them plays well and some other sounds good, but it's always a compromise. These basses that I have is the best for me at the moment, but I am always checking out new things. If you have any suggestions of great basses please contact me at Basses and bass sounds is a "life style" for me, so I am always looking for better ways to record or play my music.

My live bass equipment

Amps: Ampeg 4Pro, Ampeg 2Pro, TC Electronic RH750 and Alembic F1-X & EPX800 Speakers: Ampeg Pro NEO 410, Ampeg Pro NEO 115, 2X TC R210EBS EPX800 power-amp

For some club gigs and rehearsals TC Electronics RH450 head with RS210 & RS212 cabinets.

Also in use occasionally: Ampeg R200 combo, Ampeg tube heads and Mesa Boogie Strategy +400 tube power amp.

Strings are: R.Cocco